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ATV wheels powder coating service

Single Stage Powder Coating: strip the previous wheels finish down to bare metal; Repair curb rash or small blemishes where needed; Apply powder coat to the wheel and baked to fully cured;

What is ATV wheels service?

ATV powder coating is an excellent method of effectively creating an original unique finish for your ATV that is more durable than conventional paint. Powder coating stands up to the most extreme conditions and offers a wide array of pigments in order to help you create a personalized look that is reflective of who you are and how you want your ATV to look. ATV owners and mechanics alike have raved about the amazing effects that can be achieved through this type of coloring process. Not only does it protect against damage from outside elements, powder coating also helps to prevent rust spots as well as chips, scratches, and damage from occurring due to age or wear and tear.

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