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Fresh Wheels Powder Coating Service

Fresh Wheels Service

Can receive and return full vehicles: Wheel services includes TPMS rebuild, mount & balance, additionally included, life-time chip repair. Multi stage coating increases $100 for each additional coat, plus the cost of powder. If the wheels are significantly damaged, dirty or require further disassembly, may incur additional prep cost. Tire Condition or any tire with less than 2/32 tread, due to safety concerns may cause Aesthetic Creations to deny work. This shop is not equipped to do tire repairs or general tire services.

  • Single Stage Powder Coating, Where we will remove the wheel/tire from car; remove the tire, tpms; strip the previous wheels finish down to bare metal; Repair curb rash or small blemishes where needed; Apply powder coat to the wheel and baked to fully cured; TPMS is rebuilt back to the wheel, remount tire, balance wheel/tire, and mount back to car torqued to manufacture spec.

  • We can receive and handle a full vehicle, vs our competition requires loose wheels.

What is Fresh wheels service?

In the process of wheels powder coating service, wheels are first cleaned, then go under a machine that sprays the wheel and allows the car owner to choose the color. After one or two coats have been applied, there is a drying step. Afterwards, the wheels are heated for about 10 minutes at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit before being placed back on the vehicle. Powder coats are featured by their own resistance to scratches and rust as well as keeping their color even after long-term exposure to sunlight.

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