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Loose Wheels /
Unmounted wheels Powder Coating Service

Loose Wheel
Includes taping rear hub for OE safety when mounting wheel.
  • Single Stage Powder Coating: strip the previous wheels finish down to bare metal; Repair curb rash or small blemishes where needed; Apply powder coat to the wheel and baked to fully cured;
  • We will tape the rear of the hub to prevent powder from attaching to the mounting portion of the wheel, allowing metal to metal contact when mounted on to vehicle

What is Loose wheels / Unmounted wheels service?

We use a process called aluminum oxide blasting to remove the old coating and prepare the wheel for refinishing. We sandblast each wheel with 80 to 120 grit aluminum oxide before cleaning it with a pressure washer. After cleaning, we preheat it to around 350-400 degrees until it reaches 850 degrees Fahrenheit before cleaning off any contamination that may have been left behind by using high-pressure air (the same type used in hair salons). We mask hubs and other parts of the wheel so they won’t get coated along with the rims. The wheels are then spray coated with a new layer of paint that is baked on at around 800 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. After this, we inspect and sand everything down so that we can be sure that all rough surfaces are smooth enough for them to roll and balance properly again.

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