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Motorcycle Loose Wheels Powder Coating Service

Motorcycle Loose Wheels

Includes all taping needed to protect bearing and mount points

  • Single Stage Powder Coating: strip the previous wheels finish down to bare metal; Repair curb rash or small blemishes where needed; Apply powder coat to the wheel and baked to fully cured;

What is Motorcycle loose wheels service?

Perfecting your work starts with perfect prep before you even start. We start with a lightly etched bare-metal surface and mask all mating surfaces and threads. We pay special attention to VIN numbers so you won’t have to worry about whether or not they are visible once we’ve coated your parts with whichever color you choose. For steel parts, we recommend zinc primers to aid in rust resistance. Our technician’s background includes working on sport bikes, which means he knows exactly what is needed when it comes down to powder coating paint for motorcycle parts.

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