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Loose 4 Caliper Powder Coating Service

Loose 4 Caliper Service
Calipers powder coating service

To maintain Manufacture Warranty, these brakes will not be separated, and subsequently rebuilt; unless otherwise requested, the necessary rebuild kits must be present during service for full caliper rebuild to take place.

  • Powder Coat will be applied to the caliper as a fully assembled piece, to avoid voiding warranty, interior parts will be taped off where needed, and part will be fully functional when returned
  • Calipers that require a full rebuild, will be disassembled to the smallest piece coated and rebuilt with new parts.  This requires manufacturer brake rebuild kits, and will be an additional $250, plus the cost of the rebuild kits. 

What is Loose 4 Caliper service?

Nothing can spoil your car’s great looks like having brake calipers that are dented or rusty in the back. Or perhaps you want your SUV to look just like it came from the factory with shiny black calipers, or maybe you want to add some color and spice things up a bit with a coat of blue paint? No problem! We understand how important it is for you to be unique, so we offer our brake calipers for powder coating in all kinds of colors.

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